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Rohit AmmanamanchiRohit Ammanamanchi 

Can anyone advise me what to do inn this case??

I have created a Customer-media object and I created the fields "Books checked out" and "return date". I want to calculate the "due date" of the formula type where it is supposed to be 14 days after the "book checked out". What is the formula used to this?

I have tried this formula
IF( Book_Checked_out__c  , Book_Checked_out__c ,   Book_Checked_out__c() <> 15 ) and its throwing me an error.
Rohit AmmanamanchiRohit Ammanamanchi
all are of the date type.
Saravana Muthu 8Saravana Muthu 8

Do you need to calculate the the days between "Books checked out" and "return date"?

If yes you can use Formula(Number) datatype and use this formula DATEVALUE(return date)-DATEVALUE(Books checked out)

Please let mw know if it helps?

Rohit AmmanamanchiRohit Ammanamanchi
Well I actually wanted to make sure that the due date must be 14 days after checking out the book. I got it solved by keeping the formula Today+14.
Thank you Saravana for the reply. I can try this formula on some other formula field.