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Small image appearing at the bottom of Email template

I am creating an Email Template in Lightning. I am using a HTML tepmplate.
Email template is working all fine just that a small 1px X 1px is added at the end of the email template.

This image is added dynamically. Can anyone tell me why this image is added and how to get rid of it.

Thanks in advance
Mark Tyler CrawfordMark Tyler Crawford
I am having this issue as well. I have looked at the source of the email and it appears salesforce is automatically adding some small image to the email (I imagine it is attempting to add the company logo?). 

<img src=3D"http://companyname= devOrg.cs61.my.salesforce.com/servlet/servlet.ImageServer?oid=3D00D5C0000= 00LJmS&amp;esid=3D0185C000000YxGN">

Looking into a resolution for this
Mark Tyler CrawfordMark Tyler Crawford
So this issue appears only in the outlook desktop client for emails that were sent via the Apex messaging class. The image that you are seeing is automatically added by salesforce. The image is used for some of the emailed based tracking features that make Salesforce powerful. It is automatically added and unfortunately cannot be removed.  

Outlook detects this as an image with an invalid URL. When outlook see's an invalide image it displays a box with a red x to indicate where the image should have loaded. Which is why you are seeing the red x box in the email. So unfortunately the short answer is no, you cannot hide the red box without changing settings within outlook. 

Mark Tyler CrawfordMark Tyler Crawford
Correction, the image can be removed if you disable email tracking under the sales app activity settings. Note that Salesforce will no longer track email metrics such as emails opened. You will no longer be able to run accurate html email tracking reports if you disable this feature.

Setup | Build | Customize | Activities | Activity Settings | Enable Email Tracking (checkbox)

Setup | Feature Settings | Sales | Activity Settings | Enable Email Tracking (checkbox)​