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Zeina Saad 15Zeina Saad 15 

Custom Lightning Component Lookup box not returning any results

I have a custom lightning component with a couple of lookup fields.  

On Thursday, they were working great in sandbox and in production.  Today, none of them are returning any results.  I type in some characters and no records are returned for selection.

Does anyone have any ideas of why?  We haven't changed anything in either org.  And none of the lookup fields are working right now (there are 3 on the page).  It doesn't seem like a code issue.  It seems like a Salesforce issue, but I can't know for sure.  Nothing I search for returns any help.

Thanks for any insight into this.  
Raj VakatiRaj Vakati
Is its not wokring for any one in the org ? or just for you  ? 

I belive its issue with the browser cache .. clear it and try again ..