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Advice on multiple processes triggered to create or update records when opportunity is created/updates

Hi, I have a daily scheduled job to add opportunities and update opportunities in salesforce from dataloader.  I also have a high number of processes and workflows that are triggred when opportuntiies are created or updated that may either update the opportunity record itself of create and update child records of the opportunity.

Just recently we are experiencing the following;
  1. issue 1 - it takes over 5 minutes to run the job for only 500 records.....why so long?
  2. issue 2 - we have recently started to get roughly 120-150 errors in the 500 upserts - ERROR: unable to obtain exclusive access to this record.
Is there any considerations for multiple processes, if the upsert job only has 1 row per opportunity what is accessing the record at the same time to lock dataloader out?  Also is this just a dataloader issue as we are thinking of building a custom SQL connection instead of dataloader (so my IT guy says) would we still have the same issue?