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Jamie FellrathJamie Fellrath 

Pass a value from process to flow

I am creating a process to dynamically apply a new owner to a Lead (and change the value of a Field in Lead) after it's created on a Web-to-Lead page (it's being entered with me and it needs to apply it to someone else, based on a record value in a custom object).  

I was thinking that the most efficient way to do this would be to use a flow and then invoke the flow from the process, triggered on the creation of the Lead. 

However, I am not sure how to pass the value of the Lead itself to the flow as the process invokes it. How will my flow know which Lead it's working with? 

I've seen this question asked elsewhere without an answer. Is this even possible?

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Jamie FellrathJamie Fellrath
I figured it out - I hadn't activated the flow so I couldn't see the drop down that allowed me to add the ID I was working with to a variable in the flow.