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Adeline MooreAdeline Moore 

How can I make my chatter free users into Customer community users?

All my members are currently Chatter free users.
I have purchased 100 Customer Community licenses.
I created a new User profile for Customer community Chatter user.

I should assign all my existing users the new Profile correct?

 How does my new Profile users see Chatter and Community together?

Do I enable Chatter in the community somehow?

Do I add Community to Chatter somehow?

I'm confused as to how they will access both without going to two different sites.

Please help clear up our confustion.

​Adeline Moore
Shivdeep KumarShivdeep Kumar
Hi Moore,
You can not upgrade the salesforce license.
Salesforce license serial is Salesforce > Customer community > Chatter
You can move from salesforce to chatter but not from chatter to salesforce, so create a new profile with customer community license and give them chatter access from profile (Tab) and community also (Under Administrator > Member and Tab).

Adeline MooreAdeline Moore
I think I did everything you said to do, But I still dont see chatter in the community.
this is what my SF Chatter screen looks like. 

User-added image
I then click top left hand corner and I can access the NATIONAL Speak Community from there

User-added image

Then I can see the community but can't figure out where the members Chatter is 

User-added image

Is it possible for the members to only have one login and access both features at once?

PLease help

Adeline Moore
@adeline - Did you ever figure out if this was possible or did you have to re-create the existing chatter groups in CRM as Groups in the community?