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Trigger to populate lookup field on custom object from contact

I have a custom object called 'Class_Allocation__c' and have a lookup field on this object called 'Related_Contact__c.  I need expert help to write a trigger on Class_Allocation__c to auto copy the contact Id into this field based on 'Student__Name__c' field on Class_Allocation__C and Student_id_from_Student_object__c (on contact)
NagendraNagendra (Salesforce Developers) 

May I suggest you please check with below link from stack exchange community exactly with a similar issue and a suggested workaround.

Please tweak the below code as per your requirement which will guide you further.
trigger UpdateDealSubmitterContact on Deal_Reg__c (before Update) {

    list<id> oid = new list<id>();
    User user;
    for(Deal_Reg__c o: trigger.new){                   

    for(Deal_Reg__c o: trigger.new){
        if(o.Deal_Registration_Status__c == 'Submit') {
            map<id, Deal_Reg__c> ExtendU = new map<id, Deal_Reg__c>(
                [select LastModifiedByID from Deal_Reg__c where id in: oid]);
            user = [select ContactID from User where id =: ExtendU.get(o.id).LastModifiedBy.Id];

            //o.Submitter_Contact__c = ExtendU.get(o.id).LastModifiedBy.ContactID;
            o.Submitter_Contact__c = user.ContactID;
For more information please check with below post.
Hope this helps.

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Rahul KumarRahul Kumar (Salesforce Developers) 

Trigger to populate Contact lookup on a custom object.please refer the below link for reference. hope it will be helpful.

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Rahul Kumar