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Vamshi KrishnaVamshi Krishna 

Integrate Salesforce and Paypal Payflow gateway

Hello ,
I'm trying to integrate Salesforce with Paypal Payflow Pro. My Organisation has communities like Driver Portal(free registration)and Company Portal. Driver Portal,where a cab driver registers and applies for an application to renew or hire a cab with a payment. We are trying to introduce a payment option online.As we already have a Paypal Merchant account which is used for in other departments, I'm trying to integrate Salesforce with Paypal Payflow pro(only the gateway since our Organisationis using it). The workflow is Salesforce--Payment Page(Visualforce page within the Salesforce)--Endpoint.
  Usually,I assumed the endpoint is the Paypal Manager Account with API credentials. When I have gone through the PAyflow developer guide, I was confused with the configuration set up. The Processor is FDMS NASHVILLE with which we have a merchant account. IF I click payment button, it should display a payment page and when a user enters the card details and clicks on PAY it should give a response and the amount should be credited to the account. This is my scenario and any modified assistance is appreciated.How to call API's in code ? Any modifies set up process is appreciated. Chargent package is ignored too.