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Stancioiu Stefan 1Stancioiu Stefan 1 

Hi guys ! how to invoke method from this service ?

  1. Create custom fields on Account object: Billing County(Text), Invalid Address(checkbox), Address Check Failed(checkbox), Address Check Performed(checkbox)
  2. On new account creation or on any changes on Billing County, Billing Town or Billing Postal code:
  • Invoke ‘ValidateUKAddress’ method from UK Location  service to verify if the address is valid http://www.webservicex.net/ws/WSDetails.aspx?WSID=49&CATID=7).
  • Flag the Address Check Performed on the associated account
  • Based on the received response if no valid addresses are found for the provided parameters check the ‘Invalid Address’ flag
  • If any errors on the service request mark the items as  ’Address Check Failed’ and also log the error.