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Andrew B 1Andrew B 1 

Create an approval process that validates when a Prospect Account becomes a Customer. - Entry Criteria?

I am stuck on the Process Automation Trailhead - Customize How Records get Approved with Approvals:
"Create an approval process that validates when a Prospect Account becomes a Customer."

I did everything in the notes before trying the challenge.
I started a new Approval Process under Account as I believe the instructions mention. I am not sure what is wanted for the "Specify Criteria" section as I don't see it being asked for in the Challenge, but it seems to be a field that wants to be filled out? Please help!User-added image

Andrew B 1Andrew B 1
and I have tried reading many of the other posts on this such as https://developer.salesforce.com/forums/?id=906F0000000B31rIAC but when I followed those processes the challenge still failed.
Andrew B 1Andrew B 1
When I am on the Field Update edit screen I do not see Pending in the New Field Value "A specific value" drop down: 
User-added image
Andrew B 1Andrew B 1
Additionally, when I get to the next screen I have MISSING FIELDS in the dropdown. As we can see in the screenshot there is no Account: Type ... just Type. And in the Specific Value dropdown there is No PENDING. I also don't see Customer, but Customer - Direct and Channel. Please help! :
User-added image
Tuyen Tran 1Tuyen Tran 1
You should add more values for Picklist: Customer and Pending.

I have given the steps for complete the challenge.
First of all you have to add two values into Account >> Type Picklist.
User-added image
Click on Type and Add two values>> Customer, Pending
Save it. Now Create new approval process give the name ''Approve New Account".
Set the Criteria as following.
User-added image

Once Entry Criterial defined, come the Action. on Initial Action set the action accordingly..

User-added image

Save it.
Add the action on Final Approval action accordingly..

User-added image
Save it. On Final Rejection Action set the action...
User-added image
Dont forget to Select Approver as Automatically Assign to approver(s). else thrown an error.

I hope it will help you to complete the challege. :-)
PN RudraPN Rudra
While following the example steps here (https://trailhead.salesforce.com/trails/force_com_dev_beginner/modules/business_process_automation/units/approvals), I was working with "Opportunity" object.
The assignment in the same page refers to Account object.

I was stuck at this exercise for more than a day. I guess I missed the 101.
When an 'Approval Process' is created make sure you selected the object that you want to manage the approval processes first.
Choose object to manage before creating an approval process

Happy clicking!!
Hanuma RudrarajuHanuma Rudraraju
I got an error saying entered type fields are incorrect. It is resolved by changing the first letter of them to CAP's Customer and Pending
Mrunali PundeMrunali Punde
Here are the steps to follow to complete the challenge:
step 1: Create picklist in Account object-
  • Go to: Object manager-> Account -> fields and relationships -> Type 
  • Go to Account Type Picklist Values -> New
  • Add two options Customer and Pending.
              User-added image

Step 2:  Create Approval process-
  • Manage Approval Processes For: Account
  • Create New Approval Process -> Use jump start wizard
  • Enter following values-
         User-added image
  • Select Approver -> Automatically assign to approver(s) -> enter your name (Use search icon to find your name.) -> save.
Step 3:
  • click on View Approval Process Detail Page.
  • Initial Submission Actions -> Add new -> field update
  • Enter following values ->save
                           User-added image
step 4:
  • Final Approval Actions -> Add new ->field update
  • Enter followig values -> save
                         User-added image
  • Final Approval Actions-> Record Lock action -> edit
                       User-added image

step 5:
  • Final Rejection Actions -> Add new ->field update
  • Enter name as Account Type To Prospect ->  Field to update as Type -> A specific value as Prospect-> save
Step 7:
  • Activate
And we are done!!

I hope the answer helps. Happy learning!!!