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Which data storage is cheaper (e.g. oracle) that I use to store my salesforce data?

I have my data model built on Salesforce developer org, now, I need 1gb & 5gb data storage in my org, but, in SF what I could choose is Enterprise edition ($150 per user) which is way too costly. 
My requirement: 4 user, 1gb data 5gb file storage for my SF org. (When user enter record in SF, it will consume data storage, if they upload file/attachment, it will consume file storage)
So far my finding is I can go for Godaddy.com or hostgator.com to buy domain & hosting (but I am not sure how to deal with all the data in my SF org, I understand I can call them by Rest api). or buy data from oracle (https://cloud.oracle.com/en_US/database-backup/pricing)
Any suggestion for cheaper data storage compared to SF (I have 5user, need 1 gb data, 5-6gb file storage)?