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How to solve Data Import Problem (records are obtained from Previous SF DE org)?

I am trying to import a custom object which has 18 digit id, even though it is 18 digit id, the import fails, & Error log say 15 digit id (seems like SF convert my 18 digit id into 15 digit which is highly unlike).
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As my column is already 18 digit, converting into standard 18 digit is not a solution. Please help how to import successfully. 
Is there any implication of Match By filter during the mapping (if all related fields exist in next step) that might throw the error?
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I have exported all data from previous SF org by Data Export wizard, & all app & custom objects from previous org are moved to new org by unmanged packaging. 
Even in Data Loader, Even though I have External Id field in Journal object, Data loader is saying NO external  ID fields defined. And, when I tried importing, 18 digit ID is converted into 15 digit, & error log saying 15 digit ID is not valid (last 3 letter from 18 digit is automatically discarded during import operation in both Data Loader, & Data Import Wizard). User-added image
V V Satyanarayana MaddipatiV V Satyanarayana Maddipati

Record ids will change from one Org to another Org, Every org has unique ids. please check whether those Company Ids are avilable in the new Org . 

Populate new org related company ids and try to do data migration.