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Hania D'AvoineHania D'Avoine 

Hi ,we Currently send out sms to our customers when an event is created for them. However when you add an additional invitee to the event, no sms is sent to the additional invitee. Can anyone recommend what I need to change in the workflow rule?

Current workflow rule:
NOT( ISBLANK(Employee_Name__c) ) &&  Send_SMS__c  = True &&  Subject  <> 'Job Centre Workshop'

Would like to send out sms every time a person is added to an event.
Nagendra Prasad ChNagendra Prasad Ch
Hi Hania,
To send sms when new event is created, u can use below WF rule.
IsNew() && NOT( ISBLANK(Employee_Name__c) )  &&  Send_SMS__c  = True &&  Subject  <> 'Job Centre Workshop'

But, to send sms for every additional invitee you need to create another workflow on the invitee object which fires on insert of new Invitie. 
If you are not sure how to add WF on that object, please let me know Invitie object api name, fields in it so that I can help u with that.
Hania D'AvoineHania D'Avoine
Thanks for your response. Unfortunately I do not know how to add WF to the invitee object... how do I find the Invitee object api name?