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Felix QuinonesFelix Quinones 

Restrict Fields from being edited for certain users after a certain date

Hi everyone, 

I have eight custom fields that needs to be restrict from being edited after specific dates for all users except sys_admin and executive. Specifically: 
  • Four of those fields (q1_goal, q2_goal, q3_goal, and q4_goal) needs to be block after November 15 of every year. 
  • The other four (q1_value, q2_value, q3_value, and q4_value) needs to be block in different times. 
    • q1_value should be block after January 15.
    • q2_value should be block after April 15
    • q3_value should be block after July 15
    • q4_value should be block after Nobember 15.
Anyone cal help? 
Thank you. 
Shubham Raj 29Shubham Raj 29

Hi @Felix Quinones,

I have done to check q1_goal field is less than  November 15 of every year.

You can try this one and can implement it similarly for other fields also-

AND(NOT(ISBLANK( q1_goal__c)),
q1_goal__c- DATE( YEAR(TODAY()), 11, 15 )> 0


Let me know if this was helpful. If it does, please mark it as Best Answer to help others too.

Shubham Raj


Felix QuinonesFelix Quinones

The formula do not work. I think needs to have more parameters. 
helsi ekorhelsi ekor
You can try to use the singluar loop for your program. I have test it for my kitchen project. You can see more detail (https://rangehoodpoint.com/best-ductless-rangehood/).