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Custom Metadata Type Setting Multiselect Picklist Field

Since Custom Metadata Type Settings does not have the option to create Multi Select Field, is creating 7 checkboxes my only option? 

What are we trying to do ?
Schedule reports to users not in our salesforce org.

How we intend to do this ?
Write an Apex Class, that would pick up records from the Custom MetaData Settings. 

What fields do we have in Custom MetaData Settings ? 
ReportId (text), Recipient Email (text), Time of the Week (DataTime), Day Of the Week (???)

I want Day of the Week to be Multi Select , but there is no option to crate Multiselect field in Custom Metadata Types Setting. 

How can I creatively use Check box to make multiple selections. ? 


Vishwajeet kumarVishwajeet kumar
Can you use a Custom Object instead of Custom Metadata? it might be easier, you can have all type fields only draw back is data in this object needs to be imported and plus custom object will not be cached but should not be issue if settings data will not be in large volume.