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Roger Smith 11Roger Smith 11 

how to deploy a connected app

I have signed up for a developer salesforce account and created a Connected App for testing to get the OAuth working and test the API. All seems to be good. My question is now, how do I allow other salesforce instance to use this application? Do I need to package and list it somewhere or how does it work?
ANUTEJANUTEJ (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Roger,

>> https://salesforce.stackexchange.com/questions/70284/how-can-i-deploy-a-connected-app-from-my-sandbox-environment-to-my-production-en

I was checking this and got the above link, generally we would be creating the connected app in the related orgs I would suggest you to replicate the same configuration of the connected app in the production or a DE org as mentioned in the above link.

I am adding the mentioned best answer here for quick reference:
One organization acts as the "host" of the connected app. All other orgs will automatically "install" it on the first use in that org. There's no need to package it up or deploy it anywhere. If you were to create it in every other org, you'd have unique client ID and client secret values, which would be disastrous at best. I would say you should create your Connected App in a permanent org (production or a DE org), rather than a Sandbox, which could be destroyed, coincidentally deleting the Connected App.

Let me know if it helps you and close your query by marking it as the best answer so that it can help others in the future.  

Roger Smith 11Roger Smith 11
Thanks how do other orgs find it so they can install it? Rog
Veronin SkadvizVeronin Skadviz
i was able to record this on my mobile using the DU Recorder.
gfdhg gfdggfdhg gfdg
Yes I also tried to connect it with my app but failed to do this task I also gave my feedback with my other account you can see the app here (https://rangefindereviews.com/
danial michealdanial micheal
You will allow other salesforce instance to use this application from these steps:
In the Quick Find box, enter Connected Apps 
Select Manage Connected Apps
Go to the Customer Order Status connected app
Click Edit
Click the Permitted Users dropdown
Select Admin approved users are pre-authorized and click save
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Thomas DelangeThomas Delange
This this the same question that I am looking for answers. I tried to test with several apps for "Connected App for testing to get the OAuth", but not sure how it will work out. The use sxprojects here (https://sxprojects.net/). Tested several apps, some working, others not.
Janis BarrettJanis Barrett
I hope you get an answer to your question soon, I also have a few unanswered questions like that..