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Rajasekhar TRajasekhar T 

How to redirect native app from Visualforcepage in Salesforce1 app?

I am working on a Salesforce 1 mobile app. I have a business requirement to open external App (Barcodescanner) in SF1 app. I have tried below methods.
* sforce.one.navigateToURL();
* window.open();

* function Capturesendvalue(){

             var returnscannedurl = document.getElementById('myPage:myForm:returnscannedurl').value;
             window.location = "Salesforcescan://scan?callback="+encodeURIComponent(returnscannedurl);

But when i am login salesforce visualforce page in mobile brower native App is getting open and successfully Scanned barcode using native Barcode scan app. Same I want this to open native app(Barcode Scanner) in SF1 app only same as a mobile broweser for scanning to barcode.