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Prevent Creation of Function Expressions When Using $A.createComponent() or $A.createComponents() in Aura Components.

As the above mentioned critical update will be activated by Jan 2021, can someone post a sample code, which may cause error post this activation.
I could not completely understand what does salesforce mean by Function Expressions, are they saying we cannot call any functions which inturn returns the value for the specified label or attibute...

I saw some of the sample code but wanted to be more sure about this release update.

Thank You,

VinayVinay (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Rajesh,

This critical update applies only if you are using $A.createComponent() or $A.createComponents() attributes.

Review below link which has details,  you can activate critical update in your sandbox to see if there are any error's or unexpected behaviour.


Hope above information was helpful.

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Vinay Kumar