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Options and considerations for integration to the external system for LDV

When a status field for the  LDV (Large Data Volume) object is set to "Complete" data from the object and fields from related lookup objects needs to be sent to an on premise system. What are options and considerations for integration to the external system? 
I know best way to integrate LDV object is using Bulk API but should we do the same in the above scenario?
AnudeepAnudeep (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Gaurav -  Bulk API is the recommended way in your scenario.

If the number of records you need to extract is in the millions, the first step in resolving this issue is to split or “chunk” the transaction into smaller pieces so that each request does not time out. After doing that, make each of the smaller requests complete faster, then run the requests in parallel to compress the overall time it takes to extract all of the data.

I suggest going through the following resources to learn more



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Hi Anudeep,

Thanks for your response. The above scenario is not for extraction or loading. 
Once the status is updated to "Complete" on LDV Object, integratio is needed to the premise system.
Should we use Bulk API for this too ?