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Apurva Jain 1Apurva Jain 1 

Case Deflection event selfService:caseCreateFieldChange showing wrong results

Hi,I have created a cutsom aura component for case submit form in customer community with case deflection functionality calling out on the standard fields with the help of event selfService:caseCreateFieldChange .But when I am adding lets say 'ip address' to the Subject field ,its showing article related to ip address and also one article named as email-to-case (which does not have any relation to ip address keyword.) Can anyone help me out in telling me why this is happening?
SwethaSwetha (Salesforce Developers) 
HI Apurva,
Can you share the code snippet that you are using so I can replicate the behavior?Thanks

Checked related:https://salesforce.stackexchange.com/questions/214342/case-deflection-component?rq=1
Apurva Jain 1Apurva Jain 1
<aura:component implements="forceCommunity:availableForAllPageTypes" access="global" >

    <aura:registerEvent name="appEvent" type="selfService:caseCreateFieldChange"/>

    <lightning:recordEditForm aura:id="recordEditForm"

    <lightning:messages />

    <lightning:inputField fieldName="Subject" onchange="{!c.itemsChange}"/>
    <lightning:inputField fieldName="Description" onchange="{!c.itemsChange}"/>

    <lightning:button class="slds-m-top_small" type="submit" label="Create new" />

Hi Swetha,
The above one is the component and below is the js controller.
 itemsChange : function(component, event, helper) {           
        var appEvent = $A.get("e.selfService:caseCreateFieldChange");
            "modifiedField": event.getSource().get("v.fieldName"),
            "modifiedFieldValue": event.getSource().get("v.value")


Its same as the post you have shared but when I am typing keywords,its giving the correct article with a wrong article(not having that keyword).
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