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Robert Corcoran 10Robert Corcoran 10 

Salesforce Status API - Core vs Non-Core Meaning

We are looking at the api.status.salesforce.com response from 

curl -X GET "https://api.status.salesforce.com/v1/instances/status/preview?childProducts=false" -H "accept: application/json" 

When you are looking at the response from the API, that status has several possible values. 
"key": "NA79",
"location": "NA",
"environment": "production",
"releaseVersion": "Spring '19 Patch 11.5",
"releaseNumber": "218.11.5",
"status": "OK",
"isActive": true,
The possible status values are: 

What is included in "MAJOR_INCIDENT_CORE"? I assume the big clouds like Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Community Cloud. Yes? 

What about the other services like Search, Analytics, Live Agent, and CPQ that have their own check-boxes on the status page. 

What is included in "MAJOR_INCIDENT_NONCORE" ?  

We are writing a monitor, and I'd like to know if it needs to pay attention to "MAJOR_INCIDENT_NONCORE" as a serious alert status to notify management and / or users of.  

Hey Robert,

I think It's irrespective of the product like Sales Cloud, Service Cloud etc. These services gives you the progress of a respective SF instance.

Check out the following JSON -
{ "OK": { "value": "0" }, "INFORMATIONAL_NONCORE": { "value": "1" }, "MAINTENANCE_NONCORE": { "value": "1" }, "MINOR_INCIDENT_NONCORE": { "value": "2" }, "MAJOR_INCIDENT_NONCORE": { "value": "3" }, "INFORMATIONAL_CORE": { "value": "1", "messageCode": "CORE" }, "MAINTENANCE_CORE": { "value": "1", "messageCode": "CORE" }, "MINOR_INCIDENT_CORE": { "value": "2", "messageCode": "CORE" }, "MAJOR_INCIDENT_CORE": { "value": "3", "messageCode": "CORE" } }

These are the status ENUM that salesforce uses to identify the priority of the status which you can leverage in your monitoring tool. 

Do post here if you have any further questions.

Happy Coding!!