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chandan daschandan das 

Web experience is not working in salesforce mobile


Web experince is not working in salesforce mobile.
Has any one face this issue??

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AbhishekAbhishek (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Das,

We retired the Salesforce mobile web experience with the Summer ’20 release.

Previously you were able to access the “Salesforce mobile app” experience on your device in two ways, by installing the downloadable Salesforce mobile app from Google Play or the App Store or via a supported mobile browser. Salesforce removed access to Salesforce on your browser, i.e., the mobile web experience. Starting with the Summer ’20 release, you need to have the Salesforce mobile app installed on your device or use Lightning Experience on iPad Safari.  

Why is Salesforce making this change?

Salesforce wants to focus development on enhancing the Salesforce mobile app to ensure you have a consistent and quality experience, which led us to the decision to retire the mobile browser version.

For further reference, you can check the below-documented article,


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