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James Allen 4James Allen 4 

Passing multiple parameters to the component to be used in a where clause in the controller.

I am working on a VisualForce email template with a component and controller.  I have it pulling a list of records from a custom object based on the Id of the related template record. However I need to add another parameter to the where clause based on another value from the record. I think I have it coded correctly but my query is not returning the expected results.

Is there a way to see a debug log of the controller when an email is sent?  

Can you see any reason using the :cohortType variable in my SOQL where clause would not evaluate correctly to the value passed in from the template?

Section from Template
            <b>Study Island PLC Cohort Series Schedule and Registration Links:</b>
            <table border="1" width="600" >
            <tr><th>Cohort Description</th><th>Select Cohort</th></tr>
                    <c:CohortRegisterComponent Cohort_Type="{!RelatedTo.Program__c}" Task_Id="{!RelatedTo.Id}" />

<apex:component controller="CohortRegisterController" access="global">
    <apex:attribute name="Task_Id" type="String" description="Task ID" assignTo="{!taskId}"  />
    <apex:attribute name="Cohort_Type" type="String" description="Cohort Type" assignTo="{!cohortType}"  />
    <apex:outputText value="{!taskId}"></apex:outputText><br/>
    <apex:outputText value="{!cohortType}"></apex:outputText><br/>
    <apex:repeat value="{!ScheduledCohorts}" var="s_cohorts" id="scheduledCohorts">
            <td width="70%">
                <apex:outputText value="{!s_cohorts.Session_Name__c}"></apex:outputText><br/>
            <td align="center" width="30%"><apex:outputLink value="{!s_cohorts.Session_URL__c}&accountId={!TaskAcct}&objectId={!taskId}">Register Here</apex:outputLink> </td>

public class CohortRegisterController {
    private List<Cohort__c> cohortsList;
    private List<TASKRAY__Project_Task__c> taskList;
    public TASKRAY__Project_Task__c taskObj {get; set;}
    public String taskId {get; set;}
    public String cohortType {get; set;}
    private Boolean showLines {get; set;}
    public CohortRegisterController() {
        System.debug('cohortType ' + cohortType);
        cohortsList = ([SELECT Id, Name, Display_Name__c, Session_Name__c, Start_Date__c, End_Date__c, Type__c, Status__c, Session_URL__c
                        FROM Cohort__c
                        WHERE Status__c in ('New', 'Scheduled') and Type__c = :cohortType 
                        ORDER BY Start_Date__c]);
    public String getTaskAcct(){
        System.debug('taskId ' + taskId);
        taskList = [Select Id, Name, Contact__c, TASKRAY__trAccount__c from TASKRAY__Project_Task__c Where Id = :taskId];
        System.debug('taskList ' + taskList);
        taskObj = taskList[0];
        String taskAcct = taskObj.TASKRAY__trAccount__c;
         System.debug('taskObj ' + taskObj);
        return taskAcct;
    public String getdotw(DateTime dateTimeVar){
        DateTime dt = DateTime.newInstance(dateTimeVar.date(), dateTimeVar.time());
        String dayOfTheWeek = dt.format('EEEE');
        return dayOfTheWeek;
    public Boolean getshowLines() {
        if(!cohortsList.isEmpty()) showLines = true;
        return showLines;
    public List<Cohort__c> getScheduledCohorts() {
        //List<Cohort__c> cohortsList;
        System.debug('cohortsList ' + cohortsList);
        return cohortsList;
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Try the below code suggestion as mentioned in the below blog,


For your reference, you can check the below article too,