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What dev environment do I setup to develop an extension component for a managed package?

Hi Team,

I've been tasked to develop a managed extensions for an app on the AppExchange. What kind of dev org do I set up for this and where do I sign up for one? 

From the looks of this article, https://help.salesforce.com/articleView?id=publish_extensions.htm&type=5

I can just use a dev org as long as I have the Create AppExchange Packages OR will the managed package provider need to create the org for me. Thoughts??
Hi Ro,

You just need a basic Developer edition org to create / code for Managed package.  The org will have only 5 MB space so cannot run the bulk test. 

To create an org, please go to developer.salesforce.com and create a new org. 

Hope this helps !!!

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Gaurav Garg

Salesforce Consultant