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Vandana Rattan 4Vandana Rattan 4 

VScode Git Change Management

I am using VSCode as code editor for our org. Now I need to introduce change management. I have created a Git account and a blank repository. I have following queries:

1. Sandbox repository: How do I setup a Sandbox repository? I alredy have authorised the Sandbox org in VSCode and retreived the classes, pages, etc. Now how do I include these in Git? Or do I not need that at all? Should I just push the components being changed to Git and later merge them to the environment I want? 
2. Merge changes: If I am not copying the whole sandbox to Git how do then I merge these changes to the Sandbox? How will the compilation issues, etc be resolved?
3. Change Sets: How do I push changes from dev Sandbox to Full copy and then to Prod?

Apologies for such basic queries but I want to set the processes right at the very beginning instead of having to redo them.

Devi ChandrikaDevi Chandrika (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi vandana,
Please go through these trailheads which might help you in this.

Hope this helps you
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