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David FryDavid Fry 

Generating Editable HTML Email Template - Lightning

Hello All,
I've researched and it appears most agree that what I'm looking to do just isn't possible.  This is in the lightning forum but could be apex, or any other technology solution that might work.

Here is my situation.

1. We need to generate an editable email from a template or base logic.  It needs to be a simple point and click function in SFDC.

2.  It must be an HTML email and we will need to create an HTML table from SFDC data.   This is the piece that needs to be template / logic based.

3. Users need to be able to edit the email before sending, but after the HTML is generated.

I'm not looking only at SFDC template solutions.  I am open to generating the HTML and storing it in a text field, mail merge, etc...  

Does anyone have any ideas of what might work?   Right now we have a bunch of options, but none of which provide a complete solution.    I'm hoping someone here has some fancy idea we can run with.