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Update SSO certificate

Hi All

We have implemented SSO in salesforce. Salesforce as a Service Provider and Other tool as a Identity Provider long back ago. So now the identity provider got expired. For that they given us new file which in xml format.
So we are trying to update the file in salesforce where setup>single signon setting>edit on old sso>chose file at Identity Provider Certifice. Here I'm facing common issues.
1. The uploading file too big.
2.The uploading file not a certificate.

Now I have original xml file(which is given by other team) size of 70 kb, salesforce supports only 4kb as per document. If more than 4kb they telling convert to DER Encoded format. I'm not aware of DER Encoded format. There is no direct online converter also.

Guys plese help me on three things.
1. Where should i uplode new file.
2.If sso settings is correct place , tell me how to convert to DER Converted.
3.What kind of formats salesforce should supports.

If had experince on sso please suggest best practices. 

Thaks in advance
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vijay kumar kvijay kumar k
Hi all

I found an issue in my own way and finally I only fixed it.
I have approced follwing steps:
1.I have tacken only required data from my original XML file and using this create new file in certificate format(.crt).
2.I try to uplaod this in Identity provider Certificate place and here again I face one more error called "The uploading file isn't a certicate". I have searched the same in google and I found below link
This link have example of certificate .
3.Then I copied only X509certificate code (In IT terms Key of certicate) to anothe file with the example format.
4.I uploaded successfully.

I hope this useful to others also.