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Martin S.Martin S. 

Aura Static Ressource without File-Extension MIME-Typ application/octet-stream

I am trying to open a static ressource for a Aura Component. A company that programs components in SF for us, made a component with an Static Ressource. I need to add a class there but when I download the file (Setup- Static Ressources- Detail to static Ressource - show file) it has no file-extension. It is only "AuraServiceHelper". When I open the file with any programm/ or when I change the extension to .js/ .html etc. I get a salad of symbols. (£“̳Àã»\7²§ŸC20ëdœ&ã¿RÓe)

Can anyone say me, how I can edit this file right?

Name: AuraServiceHelper
Namespace-Präfix: -
Description: Contains javascript helper method to access AURA API faster in lightning components
MIME-Typ: application/octet-stream
Cache-Steuerung: Privat
Größe: 3.871 Byte

Thanks in advance,
Suraj PSuraj P
it might be a zip file. try addint the '.zip' extension
Martin S.Martin S.
Thanks for the tipp but it isn't a zip. 

I actually found a workaround. In my case it is a button witch open a Navision Link. In Chrome I can investigate the code and there was an folder with the ressources incl the file that I want to open. -> ctrl+a, ctrl+c -> new local file ctrl+v.