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trigger to delete assets from Line item

HI All,
        I have a trigger in which i am deleting asset when its related opportunity line item is deleted but its giving me error that list  System.QueryException: List has more than 1 row for assignment to SObject
        How to solve this error? 
         My trigger helper is given below:-
         public  without sharing class OpportunityLineItemTriggerHelper {
    public static List<OpportunityLineItem> newOpportunityLineItem = new List<OpportunityLineItem>();
    public static List<OpportunityLineItem> oldOpportunityLineItem = new List<OpportunityLineItem>();
    public static Map<Id, OpportunityLineItem> newMapOpportunityLineItem = new Map<Id, OpportunityLineItem>();
    public static Map<Id, OpportunityLineItem> oldMapOpportunityLineItem = new Map<Id, OpportunityLineItem>(); 
    Public static void deleteAssets( ){
        Set<Id> applicableOppIds = new Set<Id>();
        for( OpportunityLineItem oli : oldOpportunityLineItem ){
            applicableOppIds.add( oli.OpportunityId );
        Map<String, Asset> mapOfProCodeToAsset = new Map<String, Asset>();
        List<Asset>  ListAsset = [Select Id, Product2.ProductCode, AccountId From Asset ];
        for( Asset ast : ListAsset ){
            String uniqueId = ast.Product2.ProductCode + '-' + ast.AccountId;
            mapOfProCodeToAsset.put( uniqueId,ast );
        List<Asset> deleteListAsset = new List<Asset>();
        //Collecting all child records related to Parent records
        for( Opportunity oppObj : [ SELECT Id, Name, StageName, AccountId, Account.Name,
                                   ( SELECT Id, Name, OpportunityId, Current_Year__c, 
                                    Product2Id, Product2.Name,Product2.ProductCode, Product2.Family, 
                                    Product2.AcctSeedERP__Inventory_Asset__c, Quantity, Description
                                    FROM OpportunityLineItems 
                                    Where Id In : oldMapOpportunityLineItem.keySet() )
                                   FROM Opportunity
                                   WHERE  Id IN :applicableOppIds
                                  ] ){
                                      for( OpportunityLineItem oppLine : oldOpportunityLineItem ){
                                          Id prod = oppLine.Product2Id;
                                          //Opportunity opp = oppLine.Opportunity;
                                          String uniqueId = oppLine.ProductCode + '-' + oppObj.AccountId;
                                              System.debug('#####' );
        if( deleteListAsset.Size() > 0 ){
            delete deleteListAsset;