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Demi DevDemi Dev 

Redirect to SSO page

Hello everyone,

So I've run into a road block and I wanted to post my question here to get a second opinion.

So we set up SSO in Auth.Provider in Salesforce.
We created a My Domain - so when a user enters the My Domain URL, they are automatically redirected to SSO.

I created a custom URL to redirect to the My Domain, but quickly realized that a redirect cannot be sent to a My Domain (instead of going to the My Domain page, it goes to test.Salesforce.com).

My SSO provider cannot set up a unique page for our SF environment.

If we want a costom URL - what can we do to set up a custom URL? Is there any work-around that can be setup through SF to go from a custom URL -> My  Domain?
Zack JerryZack Jerry
Once again the Answer goes the same away. It’s just a method/way of implementation. The logic is complete to you and also on the way the provider has implemented it.
If it’s by the standards, all you need is to have a handler that goes with the following flow.
  1. You acquire a client token for your applications ( store it globally in an ENV )
  2. You redirect to the provider login page with the token along with the redirect request
  • SUCCESS: Redirect to you application logged in page ( You configure it one server-side )
  • FAILURE: Redirect to Failed auth page
But you could use any plug-ins that support the same flow.
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