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Sagar MauryaSagar Maurya 

Using the 'Parameterized Search' on Contact, I am getting unexpected result

While using the 'Parameterized Search' on Contact, I am getting unexpected result. I am using below json to search records on contact based on 'Name' filter:
"fields" : ["Id","FirstName","LastName","Account.Name"],
"sobjects":[{"name": "Contact", "where":"RecordType.Name='Internal'"}],

Note - There is only one contact with name as 'CAPITAL CROSS'. And this contact is associated with account named as 'Capital'.

Expected -
When I run the above json as System Admin profile, I get only one contact named as 'CAPITAL CROSS'

When I run the above json from custom profile having Salesforce Platform user license, I get 'CAPITAL CROSS' contact and all the other contacts which are associated with the same account named 'Capital' in response. This should not happen as I am getting all the contacts which are not matching my search criteria.

Can anyone help me in understanding that what could be reason for this behaviour?
SwethaSwetha (Salesforce Developers) 
HI Sagar,

I tried a narrowed down repro of the issue you mentioned in my dev org:

1. Login to workbench
2. Select Rest explorer and make a post call
3:- Use request URL as follow :-
Below is the request body for POST Call

{"q":"Tim Barr",
"in": "NAME",
"sobjects": [{"name":"Contact"}]

Result: I see that only one account is returned.

Id: 0037F000001W17wQAC
FirstName: Tim
LastName: Barr
Name: Grand Hotels & Resorts Ltd

Note: This account has 4 contacts but only the one associated account is returned for above post call.

This does not appear to be a Bug or issue of Salesforce Platform level. It appears to be your org specific.
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same issue
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Thank you