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What tools to use for bulk update from custom object to standard object.

I'm using Bulk API 2 to load a custom table/object named ExternalStaging. This part is working fine. After the records are loaded into ExternalStaging, I want to read each record and upsert an Opportunity based on the data. What tool is best to use for this? Process Builder? Visual Flow? Trigger? scheduled APEX? 
VinayVinay (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi Mike,

You can check with Batch class or apex scheduler.

Below are few points.

>> Batch Apex allows you to handle more number of records and manipulate them by using a specific syntax. You can run large jobs that would exceed normal processing limits.


>> Scheduled Apex is used to invoke Apex classes to run at specific times.


Hope above information was helpful.

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Vinay Kumar
Hi Vinay,
I understand how to kick off a job. This is a simple "read from a custom object" and apply updates to a "standard object". If possible, I would like to avoid writing this logic in APEX unless there is no other way. There would be only about 900 records per day. Could this be done using a headless visual flow? Could it be done using Process Builder? I anticipate scheduling this process to run twice a day.