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Restrictions for dashboard filters


I was trying to add a "dashboard filter" in lighning.
I am getting only "date" fields for filter.

What are limitations for dashboard filter ?

Thank you for inputs 
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Hi Shubham,
your answer is more related to limit of dashboard filter to 10.
Iwas looking for limitations of "dashboard filter" in lightning andrestrictions for date or text , etc

Hello Sandrine,

i have tried it in my developer org i can apply the filters on text,number,date field i think this is issue with FLS or either try to make a new dashboard. see the below image i have all the fields in filters like date, text , number.

User-added image
Hi Shubham,
I have created new dashboard and it is only showing me date and lookupto users
I think the restriction is coming when i add two types of report.
Opportunity and lead.
when its only from oneobject i get all options. but when i add reports belonging to two objects i get only filters from date andlokkup(user)? Is it normal ?
Yes as per my understanding Their is no Direct Relationship between Opprtunity And lead so i think it is showing the fields which are only common between them like date fields and user field.
thank you Shubham, is there any official link where i can verify this information. thank you :)