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Rupali PophaliyaRupali Pophaliya 

Listview get sharing access information issue


We are working on ListView Metadata API to get all list views, displaying records of selected list view, custom create new and all other controls of list view ( like sharing settings, rename, select fields to display etc. )

We are facing an issue while getting sharing settings of particular ListView. 
  • We have checked ListView Metadata API but it's response does not contain information regrading with which users or groups a particular list view is shared.
  • We have also checked if ListView object column holds any information regarding it but there also we are unable to get relevant information.

We are able to save sharing settings while creating new list view, but unable to fetch the same for edit purpose.

Is there any way to get this information?


Raj VakatiRaj Vakati
As per the document we have  SharedTo on the List view that provides whome it shared .. did you get any chance to check ???

Please refer this link 


SharedTo defines the sharing access for a list view or a folder. It can be used to specify the target and source for owner-based sharing rules. See “Sharing Considerations” and “What Is a Group?” in the Salesforce online help.
Rupali PophaliyaRupali Pophaliya
Hi Raj,

Thank you for sharing the details. We have checked listiew metadata API and SharedTo documentation. 

While creating a new list view, we are able to save SharedTo information but while fetching details of existing listview using metadata API we are not getting information regarding with which users that list view is been shared ( in response ). We have also checked if it is at ListView object but there also not able to get neccessory information. We need this information for updating metadata of existing listview when we are editing any listview.