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Running Workflow as Another User

Hey guys,

I have a few active workflows that look at an opportunity, if there's been no activity for 21 days, it'll send a follow up email to the Contact who owns the opportunity. In order have the email sent I have to login as another user, make a minor change on the opportunity to trigger it (usually I'll have a checkbox and do a list view so it's quick), and then the email will send from him. The problem is that everyday because there's hundreds of opportunities I have to go in there and trigger all of these opportunities as him in order for the emails to be sent. Is it possible to create a workflow/process/flow (preferrably not apex) that will automatically check each opportunities "Trigger box" as him, so then the emails automatically send as him without me ever having to go in, login as him, and manually check each opportunities "Trigger box" in a list view???

Chad RitchieChad Ritchie
Maybe an easier way to ask this, is there a way to update a field daily as another user?
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Process 1:
Create a time trigger on workflows with actons like email alert and field update.


Process 2:
Create schedule apex

Hope this helps you!
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