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farah sheriffarah sherif 

Guys I need help urgently with this trigger PLEASE

We need a trigger on the asset object on update to check all assets.

 If on ALL Assets belonging to product family = "360 Suite" had their  Status = "Canceled" , then on Account, update the 360 Account stage (API Name = Account_Status__c )  to "Cancel".

please if anyone can help with this one I would be so grateful
Syed Insha Jawaid 2Syed Insha Jawaid 2
Hi Farah

Please find below pseudo code:

Set <  AccountId > setOfAcctountIds = new Set < Id >();
for(Asset a : triggerNew) {
if(a.PRODUCT_FAMILY == "360 Suite")
Map<ID,List<Asset>> mapOfAccoutnIdVsAsset = new Map<ID,List<Asset>>();
for(Asset ast :[SELECT Id,...........FROM Asset WHERE PRODUCT_FAMILY = "360....." AND ACCOUNTID IN :setOfAcctountIds]){
if(!mapOfAccoutnIdVsAsset.containskey(ast .AccoutnId))
  mapOfAccoutnIdVsAsset.put(ast .AccoutnId,new List<ASSET>());
mapOfAccoutnIdVsAsset .get(ast .AccoutnId).add(ast);
List<Account> acctoupdate = new List <Account>();
for(Id accid : mapOfAccoutnIdVsAsset .keySet()){
Account ac = new Account(Id = accid );
boolean ntcancelledrecord = false;
for(Asset a : mapOfAccoutnIdVsAsset .get(accid )){
 ntcancelledrecord  = true;
if(!ntcancelledrecord ){
acctoupdate .add(ac);
    update acctoupdate;

Mohd. KamranMohd. Kamran
Hi farah,

Hoping below code would solve your problem...

trigger updateAccountStatusToCancel on Asset (after update) {
    Set<Id> setAccountIds = new Set<Id>();    
    for(Asset as : trigger.new){

        If(as.ProductFamily == '360 Suite' && as.Status == 'Canceled'){


    List<Account> lstAccounts = new List<Account>([SELECT id , Account_Status__c FROM Account WHERE Id IN: setAccountIds]);

    for(Account acc : lstAccounts){
        acc.Account_Status__c = 'Cancel';
    update lstAccounts;

farah sheriffarah sherif
guys I need to use a condition before writhing the code .. that if the status of the new trigger is Cancelled and the ols one is ! canceled then do all this .. how can I write it?
farah sheriffarah sherif
hello Syed Insha Jawaid 2

can I have your email for further questions?
farah sheriffarah sherif
Dear Syed can you please explain the below statements

for(Asset ast :[SELECT Id FROM Asset WHERE Product_Family__c = '360 Suite' AND AccountId IN :setOfAccountIds]){
            if(!mapOfAccountIdVsAsset.containskey(ast .AccountId))
              mapOfAccountIdVsAsset.put(ast.AccountId,new List<Asset>());
            mapOfAccountIdVsAsset .get(ast.AccountId).add(ast);
nitin sharma 356nitin sharma 356
You can solve your issue in 2 minutes if you do it through process builder
Syed Insha Jawaid 2Syed Insha Jawaid 2

Hi Farah

The explanation for statements:
1. for(Asset ast :[SELECT Id FROM Asset WHERE Product_Family__c = '360 Suite' AND AccountId IN :setOfAccountIds]) --> Query the Asset record which have product family as '360 Suite' and there Account Id contain in the set.
2.   if(!mapOfAccountIdVsAsset.containskey(ast .AccountId))
              mapOfAccountIdVsAsset.put(ast.AccountId,new List<Asset>());
            mapOfAccountIdVsAsset .get(ast.AccountId).add(ast);
        } --->
If the Map doesnt contain the Account Id and its Asset record then it is added to the map.


Syed Insha Jawaid 2Syed Insha Jawaid 2
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