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Create Test for Ignored String

I am attempting to create a valid test for a method that is looking at abbreviations. This is the method:
public static string returnAbbreviationsIgnoredstring(string matchString){
        list<string> lstMatchedStrings = matchString.split(' ');
        set<string> setAccountAbbreviations = retrieveAccountAbbreviations();
        string cleanString = '';
        system.debug('##--returnAbbreviationsIgnoredstring.lstMatchedStrings: '+ lstMatchedStrings);
        for(string objString : lstMatchedStrings){
            system.debug('##--objString matches: '+ setAccountAbbreviations.contains(objString));
            cleanString += objString+ ' ';
        }// end of for-each
        system.debug('##--returnAbbreviationsIgnoredstring.cleanString: '+ cleanString);
        return cleanString.trim();
    }// end of returnAbbreviationsIgnoredstring
Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.