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How to filter for couting records with and without a Name in the same report?

Hi all,

I am trying to build a report where you can see the number of records with Name and the number of records without Name or a default Name for a custom object.

The custom object is Exhibition__c (Exhibition). Some exhibitions don't have an Exhibition Name or a default one, say 'Default Exhibition'.
So, I would like to have in the same report the count of Exhibition records with an Exhibition Name different from 'Default Name' or empty, and the count of Exhibition records with 'Default Name' or empty.

I am grouping the report by Exhibition Name. I am thinking about using a formula field as Filter or can I use a Summary Formula field here?, I don't see any possibility with summary formulas.

Any suggestion would be appreciated.
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Hi Internal Partner,

You might be able to group by row level formulas if you've activated those (they're a beta feature).
The problem with grouping by the exhibition name field is that empty names and default names would count as two different values, and not count together. However, if you create a formula field on your exhibition object, we could group it using that.

Try creating a formula (checkbox) field called "Has Name" that has the following logic:
    NOT ISBLANK(Name),
    Name != "Default Exhibition"

This will be true for exhibitions that have a name that isn't empty and isn't the default value. You should be able to group your report by that.

Thank You,
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