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Mounika GomaramMounika Gomaram 

How to build a url for customer feedback??

My problem is..

I need to send a url to the customers via email, if the customer clicks that link he should dirctly goes to the visualforce page without login credintials but i need to save his data i.e., his perticular account id and perticular case id he vl give the feedback..

Can anyone help me out..

Vishal Negandhi 16Vishal Negandhi 16
So what you can do is create a visualforce page, expose it as a force.com sites page. 
Here the user can enter the comments/feedback in a field. 

At the backend, you need the Account Id and Case Id so when you send out the link in emails - pass two url parameters : caseId and accId and pass the ids or any unique field. 

Hope this helps..
Mounika GomaramMounika Gomaram
Thanks for reply @Vishal Negandhi

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