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How to add flexibility to Opportunity Product ?

Having a hard time figuring the best approach to the following issue.
We have advertisement products of 2 different types: web and print. When adding a product to an opportunity, we need user to specify additional features based on the type of product selected. Namely, they should indicate the section the ad will go into. The list of available sections is different for web and print.
We thought of using the following features, but none brings the expected end result.
Field dependency - to have a "section" picklist on the Opportunity Product showing different values based on the type of Product. Would have been just what we wanted, but Opportunity Product isn't linked to most standard and custom Product fields...
Page layout - we tried creating 2 pages layout for Opportunity Product, one showing a "Print section" picklist, the other showing a "Web section" picklist. This would also do the trick, except that nothing but the user profil can drive what page layout will be used.
Could S-controls be used to create new buttons that would better route the addition of products to an opportunity ? For example, instead of a single "Add product" button, create two buttons.
Button 1 -  "Add web product", showing a pre-filtered list of products where type = web, and opening the Web page layout that includes "Web section" picklist.
Button 2 - "Add print product",  showing a pre-filtered list of products where type = print, and opening the Web page layout that includes "Print section" picklist.
Does that sounds possible ?
Any other suggestion, hints or tips will be greatly appreciated !
Have you looked at using different Opportunity record types? I think that will provide the basis for what you are looking for.


We're already using record types on Opportunities. Beside, a single Opportunity can include both Web and Print ads, and ads that will go to various sections... thus us trying to allow flexibility in detailling a product at the time it is added to an opportunity.

Unless there's something I haven't seen/understood, I don't think Opportunity record types can be used to drive what fields users will see and fill when adding products to an opportunity, can they ?!


I've encountered this same issue in the past.
One way to approach was to add a picklist to the Opportunity Product Line Item that the user would choose (either Web or Print).  Then your Sections picklist can be set up as dependent on the Type.  Somewhat redundant as far as data entry goes, but it's a simple solution.