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Order form creation: customization options?

Here's the deal in brief:

I have an opportunity that represents an agreement for a client- eg. they have agreed to buy 500 widgets over the next year.  The widgets may be paid 30% up front, but the bulk of the expense comes when they place orders.  I created a custom object, called "Order" and created a master-detail relationship between order and opportunity.

This way when an order is placed I can run a total against the opportunity.  Life is grand!

Here's the problem.  Each order has a look-up relationship to an account (this account is not related to any opportunity).  When my team fields an order over the phone, they have to look up the account, requiring a lot of alt-tabbing.  When they select the account, I want specific information pertaining to the account to appear (when creating this new custom "order" obejct).  Is that possible or does this require S-controls?