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SaveURL redirects to /email/author/emailauthor.jsp

Hey Everyone,

I have an interesting task. There are two custom objects. Project and Production Run. Production Run has a master detail relationship to Project. When creating a Production Run from a project, I want to redirect the user to Send an Email page so they can directly notify the client of the specific production that has completed. There are too many variables to do this automatically which is why I am redirecting to Send an Email on save.

There are a few merge fields that I need included on the email, all of which are on the Project level. The first being the project itself, the second being a contact on the project level, and the third being a few text fields each with a different email address. The mapping I used is below:

p2_lkid=Contact ID
p3_lkid=Project ID

Here is the saveURL link:


For some reason when pressing save only the first parameter is passed to emailauthor.jsp and all the rest disapear. The URL I am taken to is:


It looks like the newID parameter cuts off any of the other parameters I have specified in saveURL. Does anyone have any good ideas as to how to make this work?

Does anyone have any ideas on this?

kindly let me know how saveURL is working ,with an example working url ?