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reporting with multiple sources

Does anyone have/know of a tool that can pull data from multiple sources to do reporting?  We would like to pull data from our data warehouse and salesforce.com to display in salesforce.com.  Am I going to have to export the data from salesforce.com to our warehouse and then do reporting from there?  If so, how do I display that in saleforce.com, ie web service, crystal reports, etc...
Tom TobinTom Tobin
A tool like Crystal Reports can take data from salesforce.com (via their connector) and your datawarehouse in two separate queries, and then link them together in-memory. This approach may be worthwhile if you have two distinctly specified queries, and they aren't interellated.

Otherwise, you'll have to import it into the warehouse. Tools like the salesforce.com data loader will help you with an initial load and the schema. There are adapters for ETL tools like informatica and the Business Objects and Cognos ETL tools to attach to salesforce.com.
Depending on what it is that you're actually trying to analyze, LucidEra might be a good fit for you. Our Revenue Cycle Analysis application brings together data from Salesforce, disparate Excel spreadsheets, and accounting systems (from Oracle Financials to Quickbooks). It is built on an on-demand analytics platform. More information is available here: http://www.lucidera.com/application/revenue_cycle_analysis.php

Also check out the reviews on the AppExchange.