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Need help on creating custom button and links.



I'm creating a custom button with URL type, I'm checking the condition based on Picklist, if the picklist value is YES i want to open a window with the link provided in true condition. Here when i click the button the window opens and shows the error message Broken URL or URL no longer Exists.


I am attaching the Formula i have tried, Please help me to solve this issue.



{!IF( ISPICKVAL(Quote.Approved__c, "YES"),
"https://www.xxxxxx.com/apps/xxxxx/PointMerge.aspx?SessionId= "+"$Api.Session_ID&ServerUrl=API.Partner_Server_URL_80&Id= Quote.Id &TemplateId=01HS000000005O0&ds4=1&"+"DefaultLocal=0&fp0=1&ds5=1&ds6=1&DefaultPDF=1", 


Thank you



how you are geeting sfdc session id i.e from s-control or apex code.