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Customize the lookup search functionality



Is there a way to customize the lookup search functionality? I know about the enhanced lookup and am already using it. What I want is that instead of showing the recently accessed records by default, it show all the records and then the user could filter on the basis of the filter fields provided.




You can override it using VF page. As a standard functionality, you can't do much in customizing vlookup.


I am a web developer, but very new to salesforce. I have created a visualforce page that I would like to use instead of the standard lookup dialog. I can't see how to replace a standard lookup dialog. Is there a way and can you give me the setup steps within salesforce > setup > ???


I have found Search Layouts list, I can edit these (add/remove fields), but I cannot create new or replace with a visualforce page


My exact scenario is:

- Added a custom lookup relationship field to Opportunities

- When I edit an opportunity, I would like the search button to open my search page

Note: My visualforce search page searches an external system