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Creating/editing documents from customer portal



I'm trying to find a way to create/edit documents from customer portal - I need to save documents as a customer portal user and be able to access them from my CRM.


Customer Portal User/Manager profiles only allow read access to documents, and only a clone of one of these profiles can be used within Customer Portal config (as far as I can see).


Any suggestions?




No way to do this I am afraid within the Customer Portal at least becuase the CRUD access is View only. I beleive Partner Portals allow Document contribution.
I am not really sure but you could explore if this is possible with salesorce Contents instead of documents.
This true you can use Content to allow your Portal Users to create Documents but the caveat here is that you have to have Content Licenses for all the Portal Users you would want to contribute/create documents.
An adjustment to my above statement. Apparently as broadcasted at Dreamforce SF Content is now free.