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Idea starters please



We are looking to build an app to manage our meeting rooms, there are only 4 with different assets / sizes in one location.


Un-happily we don't have a budget for this one so I am building internally from scratch and we don't need anything sophistcated.


I can build the room object but am having difficult to think of the best way to show the bookings.


Ideally a user will search to see if a room is available.


Days and times should be shown as blocked out if the room is already booked.


Any thought starters would be welcome.






Before you go down that route are you happy that you can't use the standard Resource Calendar's ? (Setup -> Activities -> Public Calendars and Resources) ?


This would give you the same level of functionality as booking a person's time, and hence the same lack of ability to guard against double booking.



Thanks for this, there are a few limitations which I am worried about.



  1. It seems a salesforce.com user needs to be invited to the event, not all meeting attendees would be in sf.com
  2. The receptionist would need to search which room / resource first met the criteria, so for example does it have a project is it the right size
  3. Again the search would also need to show on a calendar, day, week or month the time slots booked and available.  I know this is shown in the event availability list but its not customisable.
We work with a couple of other companies who also have meeting rooms, so might look to pool them and use a common interface (sf.com)
I am afraid my simple meeting manager might be a little more complicated then first thought....