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Knowledge - How to make suggested articles work with custom Case page?


Sorry for the pretty long subject.

The question is, can I somehow make suggested articles work in the Service Cloud Console while I'm using custom Case page ? I've 2 problems with it:

1. For the moment we have a normal layout for New page and Custom VF page for editing - just to compare how it works.

And , when creating new case, typing anything in the subject changes the suggested articles on the right sidebar.

However, when you Edit the case - suggested articles won't change when we edit subject (for a moment I switched to Edit Page Layout and it the same situation of changing subject it works).

2. When setting the New  Page to custom VF page the sidebar of Suggested Articles does not show up on the right sidebar when creating the new case.


I've been trying to analyse what's going on under the sheets for quite some time, but with all the Ext Js events going on it's pretty impossible :(.


Best regards


Hi LukashP,


My feeling is that waht you trying to achieve is kind of dangerous since you are encapsulating a knowlegde sidebar on a VF page and has you can see it has not been designed for it. The other risks is that if for any reason, the component is modified by salesforce for the next release, your integration may be broken.


My guess here is that you should create a custom VF page to display suggested article, you can leverage articleList VF component to make it easier to write.


I'm not sure if I was understood correctly.

I think I'm not encapsulating the sidebar on a VF Page. My page is just Case Edit page. It's just when you enable Suggested articles in the Case support settings, this sidebar still shows there if you use the Service Cloud Console, even if I replace edit page layout with my custom VF Case page. So what I was trying to do is rather reuse this component (not encapsulate) - since it's there :).


But if I understand you correctly, you would recommend turning off this sidebar and building a custom page that would do what I need from Suggested Articles?


Sorry, now, I understand now what you mean. I think that the sidebar was not designed to be called from a VF page.