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Integrating Database.com into Salesforce

What kind of integrating other applications into Salesforce User Interface I could do ?

So our business has pretty sophisticated requirements - not all can be done on Force.com platform.

I was thinking ... So database.com has access to Salesforce databases, respects profiles, roles etc.

Is it possible to make Salesforce work in a way that one of our tabs will show the solution we built using Database.com ? (could be in Java or whatever).


Have any of you done something similar ?

What other solutions would you recommend ?


Thanks for help.


Well if you are storing the values in database.com then probably you can get data from database.com and show it in you salesforce instace tab.


What do you mean by "if you are storing values in database.com" ?

I mean if I store the values in Salesforce, I can get to them using Database.com ?