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Work-flow Task Created and Update fields


Hi Experts,


i have created Two workflows.


1) Work-flow on Account which created Task having subject "28Days Call Customer " when it matches with Criteria matches. it works good.


While in second workflow i want to update Task field value so i have created below work flow


2)  Work-flow on Task Which Update Task "Type" field Value to "Call" when Task is Created When Task subject Contains "Call" but it not works.


Why it is not working.


otherwise i will have to update through Trigger. 

Best Answer chosen by Admin (Salesforce Developers) 

Workflow rules are not called recursively, so you can not have a task created by a workflow trigger an additional workflow. This is a design decision that prevents workflow from creating infinite loops (a workflow rule creates a task that triggers a workflow rule that creates a task...). You will  need to use a trigger for this second workflow rule to take effect.